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Welcome to Premier Gold Group...


Welcome to Premier Gold Group...

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Welcome to Premier Gold Group...


Welcome to Premier Gold Group...

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Premier Gold Group


The Premier Gold Group is a multinational group with ten consolidated holding companies. The subsidiaries of these holding companies each specializing in various market sectors. The consolidated worldwide structures, holding groups and networks, created a highly profitable multinational group. The focus of the Premier Gold Group is to support the main stream economies and to assist smaller growing economies in funding infrastructure development with job creation opportunities. 


Premier Gold Group operates as a holding company for the group of the ten consolidated holding companies and was established in early 1920's. The ten subsidiaries each specialize and dedicates its efforts in various market sectors. Supported by a number of influential wealthy families, Premier Gold Group remained privately owned and has grown from a family concern since the early 1920's to a multinational group. In present day Premier Gold is a highly profitable multinational group supported by wealth, influence, prestige with a highly skilled, well experienced, professional and stable executive management team.


Premier Gold Group has a rich and well established history since the late 1800's starting with precision “high stress” component manufacturing that played a vital role in Britain’s aircraft industry until the early 1970’s, building cannons for the warships in Britain during World War I and World War II. Manufacturing of alloy wheels from the early 1970’s and became the third largest wheel manufacturer in the world with facilities in the United Kingdom, Kent, Cardiff, South Africa, Canada and Detroit in the US. Manufacturing wheels for OEM companies such as British Leyland for the Dolomite Sprint, Range Rover, MG Rover, Rolls Royce, Premier Ford, Jaguar and Volkswagen in Canada for the North American market.  


Premier Gold entered the primary and secondary financial markets in the late 1940’s and has grown from strength to strength, today prides itself in excellence, dedication with responsible decision making. Premier Gold’s internal structures operates with various committee structures supported with a think-tank mentality in its decision making process.  Premier Gold strives to embrace its values and focuses on its vision and mission. 

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